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Types of Limiting Beliefs

Every person has limiting beliefs. It’s normal and part of being human. The number of limiting beliefs in the world is unlimited because every person is different and has different experiences and personalities. Some limiting beliefs are common, such as the fear of failure, while others might be unique to only a few people.

All limiting beliefs fall into three categories, however: limiting beliefs about yourself, limiting beliefs about other people, and limiting beliefs about the world. Some can be placed into more than one category, and some might move from one category to another based on whether they’re about you or other people, but these are the three basic categories.

Limiting Beliefs About Yourself

Most limiting beliefs are personal. They are limiting beliefs you hold about yourself, about who and what you are, what you can and can’t do. They’re your beliefs about what your limits are and how far you can go in life. Now, while it’s true that you do have real limits -most people can’t make it into the astronaut corps, for example, and no one is going to become Batman any time soon -most of them aren’t true, hence why they’re limiting beliefs.

Here are some examples: “I fail at everything I try.” “I’m no good at managing money.” “I can’t maintain a healthy relationship.” “I’m too young/too old.” “I’m not worthy of love.” "I will never lose this weight."

Limiting Beliefs About Other People

This is the second-largest category of limiting beliefs. These are the limiting beliefs you hold about other people -what other people are like, how they act, what they believe, etc. Again, while some of the beliefs you hold about other people are true, the limiting beliefs are demonstrably false and harm your ability to have healthy relationships.

Here are a few examples: “Everyone is greedy.” “No one can be trusted.” “No one wants a relationship anymore.” “Everyone cheats on their spouse.” “Everyone’s a liar.”

Limiting Beliefs About the World

Finally, this category contains your limiting beliefs about the world and how it works. Everyone has a different worldview. Some of the things in it are real, some aren’t, and some are limiting beliefs. Here are a few examples from this category:

“You can’t succeed unless you know the right people.” “It’s too difficult to get ahead these days.” “I can’t find a job in a recession.” “There’s so much competition, why bother?” “I can’t make it here anymore.”

It's time to change those beliefs. Let's do this!

If you are looking for a strategy, feel free to book a 15-minute clarity call with me or respond to this post.

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