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Rituals to Help Shatter Limiting Beliefs

When you’re working to overcome limiting beliefs, anything that might help is welcome. One of the more surprising things that might help is a ritual to let them go. Rituals have a powerful effect on the human mind. They reach right past your conscious mind to impact your subconscious.

For this reason, rituals are a good choice to help you shatter your limiting beliefs. The three rituals below are common ones that are easy to try.

Burning Away Ritual

Fire holds a special place in the human psyche, possibly because of its ability to push away the dark. This characteristic gives it extra power in rituals. This ritual is easy to perform but can be emotionally wrenching. That’s a good thing -it means it’s helping.

Take a sheet of paper out and write down each of your limiting beliefs. Now find a fire. It doesn’t matter what kind of fire -a fireplace works as well as a campfire. A grill also works. Crumble the paper and throw it into the flames. Imagine your limiting beliefs being burned along with the paper and feel them go.

Giving Them to the Water Ritual

This ritual represents giving your limiting beliefs to water and letting them drift away from you, never to bother you again. It’s quite similar to the Burning Away Ritual above. Write down your limiting beliefs on a sheet of paper. Find a body of water, preferably a flowing body, such as a river, stream, or ocean. Cast the paper into the flow and watch your limiting beliefs disappear.

Use compostable paper to make this ritual more environmentally friendly. You can even buy paper impregnated with flower seeds so that blooms will grow from your past wherever the paper washes up.

Cut the Cord Ritual

Your limiting beliefs literally bind you to the past. This ritual symbolizes cutting their hold over you by cutting a cord. Find a piece of yarn or cord, preferably black. Write your limiting beliefs on one sheet of paper and your new, empowering beliefs on another. Attach one sheet to each end of the cord.

Stretch it taut. Cut (or use a candle to burn) the cord in the middle. Throw out the half-holding of your limiting beliefs. Keep the other half as a reminder of how far you’ve come.

If you don’t like any of these rituals, feel free to create your own. Unlock the power of ritual to help you defeat your limiting beliefs today!

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