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Replace Limiting Beliefs with Empowering Beliefs

Empowering beliefs and limiting beliefs are opposites. Limiting beliefs hold you back and break you down. They destroy your self-confidence, your self-esteem, and keep you from reaching your goals in life. Your limiting beliefs keep you “stuck” and unable to move forward.

So, what’s the opposite? Beliefs that lift you up, that raise your self-confidence, that inspire you to reach for your dreams. They encourage you, motivate you, push you, and inspire you to push past your limits. These are empowering beliefs.

One type of belief is disabling; limiting beliefs remove your control and power to influence your life. Empowering beliefs do the opposite - they enable you to seize that control and take charge of your life and its outcomes. People who hold empowering beliefs are many times more likely to succeed in life and reach their goals than those who have limiting beliefs.

Limiting beliefs are clearly hobbling. But it’s not your fault that you have them. Everyone develops some limiting beliefs in childhood. It’s a part of being human. Some people overcome them without ever realizing what they were. Others have to work harder to get there. The best way to get “unstuck” in your life and move forward is to overcome your limiting beliefs.

How do you do that? By replacing them with empowering beliefs. Maybe that sounds silly, or even impossible, but many people have done it. You can too if you’re willing to do the work.

First, identify your limiting beliefs. Write them down. Make each one into a short sentence. You’ll notice most of them will start with something such as “I can’t…” or “I’m not…”. Others will say something like “All people are greedy,” a statement that is obviously false.

Next, rewrite each of your limiting beliefs to make them empowering beliefs. Start by changing “can’t” to “can” and “I’m not” to “I am.” Make each of these new statements short, powerful, and positive. Each one should put the control in your hands.

Third, start repeating these new beliefs as a mantra. All the time, every day. You can say them in your head, aloud, or write them down. But do so daily, preferably multiple times a day. They will gradually become ingrained in your psyche.

Finally, immediately begin acting as if the new empowering beliefs are true. Don’t wait until you feel that they are true; start now. Gradually, they’ll become true. You’ll make them real.

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