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Pre-Planning Makes Snacking Easier

One of the reasons people settle for high fat, high sugar, and high salt snacks is lack of planning. It’s much easier to grab a candy bar and energy drink when you’re getting gas than it is to grab an apple because they aren’t readily available next to the lottery tickets at the register. Pre-planning snacks makes it much easier to enjoy nutritious and tasty treats without setting foot in a mini mart.

Pre-planning snacks doesn’t take much effort. The next time you create a shopping list, be sure to add snack foods to your meal lineup. Planning for snacks and thinking about them strategically can help you make wise food choices at the store and create a variety of snacks for everyday use. Here are some easy ideas that cover all sorts of snack cravings.

Sweet and salty snacks: Bulk trail mix is an easy fix if you crave sweet and salty snacks. Up your game by creating your own energy-packed trail mix. Include nuts, dried fruits, pretzels, chocolate or carob, and other favorites to create a tailor-made trail mix that is cheaper per pound…and much tastier…than commercial trail mix.

Protein snacks: Many people swear by protein to keep them energized and resisting sugar. Pre-plan high-protein snacks that are whole-food based. Hard boiled eggs are an excellent source of easy-to-eat protein. Protein smoothies are great as well but may take some time to make. Simple nut butter sandwiches are a perfect grab-n-go favorite that are satisfying and energy packed.

Fruits and veggies for the win: Nothing beats the healthy benefits of fruits and vegetables. It’s easy to pre-plan grab-n-go fruits and veggies for snacks. You can purchase both fruits and veggies pre-cut from your grocer, but you’ll save money buying in bulk and cutting them yourself. Package in bags or containers and keep in your fridge for easy access.

Something sweet and special: Some people have a sweet tooth and that’s ok. There are lots of healthy treats available to snack on. Buy family-size quantities of your favorite snacks and pre-pack them into single serving sizes to grab on your way out the door. Pre-planning for your sweet tooth can help you manage your cravings without heading for the vending machine and indulging too much.

If you love snacks but never think to plan ahead, take the time to add snacks to your grocery list. Thinking about snacks like you do meal planning can help you prepare the right snack for the right situation and make sure you save time and money, plus keep your energy up.

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