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Keeping It Real – Don’t Do Too Much Too Fast

Let's talk about real weight loss. What I’m talking about is losing weight in a way and at a rate that’s sustainable. Yes, you can go on one of those miracle liquid diets for 48 hours and lose a few pounds. But it isn’t something you’d want to do or should be sticking with for the long run. Chances are that as soon as you go back to eating normally, you’ll get the weight right back.

Instead I’d like to make a case for slow and steady weight loss. No one puts 30 extra pounds on overnight. Don’t expect to take them off in a matter of weeks. Instead, aim to lose half a pound to a pound per week. Believe me, it’ll still be a challenge most weeks.

The key to slow and steady weight loss is lifestyle changes. The changes you make to your lifestyle today should become habits that will stick with you forever.

Drink more water, cut out high calorie drinks like soda and fruit juices. Cut back on sugar and refined carbs as much as possible. Stick with low sugar fruits, lots of non-starchy veggies and protein. Don’t forget to add a few healthy fats. Yes, they are high in calories, but they’ll also keep you full longer. Download my complimentary Meal guide/plan, includes recipes and shopping list.

Meal Guide 2
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Make it a habit to go for a 30 minute walk after dinner in the evening or start a fitness program. Make an effort to move around more all throughout your day. Get up and walk around while you’re talking on the phone. Go play with the kids in the yard or ride a bike. Jumping rope is a quick way to get your workout in. It's a total body workout that burns calories while toning your entire body. Keep in mind that you can move in 15 minute spurts to meet your daily goals.

Small lifestyle changes will start to add up and you’ll see some slow and steady weight loss. And there’s another important reason why you want to keep it real and not try to do too much too fast. The end goal is to keep the weight off. And that will be easier with if you do it slowly by changing the way you eat, the way you move and your whole outlook on life. Set yourself up for success by setting small weight loss goals and working toward them.

Yes it takes some patience, but it will be well worth it in the end. Because the end goal is a healthier, more active version of you. Someone that can run around with the kids at the park. Someone that’s setting a great example for her loved ones. And yes, someone that fits in that pretty new dress.

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