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How Self-Care Helps You Overcome Limiting Beliefs

Self-care is important for both your physical health and your mental health. Did you know it’s equally important in helping you overcome your limiting beliefs? Some people mistakenly think self-care is selfish; it’s not. You need to take good care of yourself if you want to be the best version of yourself. You also can’t take care of other people if you don’t take care of yourself.

Limiting beliefs can sabotage your self-care, and prioritizing self-care can help you overcome your limiting beliefs. The benefits go both ways.

Self-care helps you overcome limiting beliefs in two important ways.

Good Self-Care Means Acting as if You Matter

Many of us are go, go, go, pushing ourselves to get everything done and taking care of everyone and everything else. Who gets pushed to the back of the line when this happens? You do. This isn’t good for you in any way. It also sends subtle signals to your mind that you don’t matter, that of all the things that matter in your life, YOU are the least important and can be tossed to the side.

Good self-care does the opposite. It tells your mind and your body that you matter, that you’re important, that you are worthy of being taken care of. This reinforces all the other work you’re doing to overcome your limiting beliefs. It also enhances your self-esteem and self-confidence and makes you healthier. There’s no downside!

Good Self-Cares Makes You Feel Better

When you don’t take proper care of yourself, you get drained, physically and mentally. You’re tired. You might gain weight. Your health suffers. Your outlook on life becomes negative. Even if you don’t notice it, you’ll be “off” until you start putting yourself first.

What does good self-care do? It lets you show up to be your best self all the time. You have more energy, more stamina, think clearer and generally feel good. This lets you do the things you want to do, including the work needed to overcome your limiting beliefs.

What Is Good Self-Care?

Good self-care doesn’t just mean eating right and exercising. It means doing the things that you need to do to make you feel like your best self. Getting enough sleep. Make time for your hobbies. Prioritizing any spiritual practices you believe in. Socializing with family and friends. Finding work you love. Go to the doctor and the dentist when you need to. These things all count as self-care.

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