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Ditch the Drive-Thru for These Healthy Alternatives

Living in modern times has a lot of advantages. Now more than ever you can access all types of foods with very little effort. Food is readily available in the drive-thru, Grubhub and other delivery services, as well as curbside or delivered directly from your grocer. You can even have food delivered within an hour via Amazon in some cases. We live in a time when you can get anything, anytime, from anywhere.

Convenience is a big deal for busy people. There’s no need to plan when you can hit the drive-thru on the way to and from your next destination. While it may be convenient to grab through the window and go, it might not be healthy.

If you live a busy lifestyle and tend to rely on drive-thru fare to fuel your family, you could be putting them at risk for weight gain and food related illnesses. Sadly, most fast food lacks any real nutritional value and while convenient, it simply isn’t good for you. With a little planning you can ditch the drive thru and incorporate these healthy alternatives.

Meal prep for a week of healthy foods

Meal prepping is an excellent way to plan ahead for a week’s worth of healthy meals and snacks. If done well, it’s easy to batch your food prep and reduce time in the kitchen too. Choose one day of the week to cook and portion meals and snacks that are grab-n-go when you’re busy during the day.

Delegate meal prep and involve the family

If you are part of a family unit there are lots of benefits to delegating meal planning, prep, and cleaning. It’s important to teach skills like meal planning, cooking, and cleaning. Kids who know how to cook tend to do better on their own. They spend less, eat healthier, and transition into adulthood easier. Delegate tasks for meal planning and prep to share the load and lighten the responsibility.

Take out has its place. There are times when a burger and fries or piping hot pizza can’t be beat, but it shouldn’t be routine. Ditching the drive-thru for healthier choices can save money and your waistline. ☺️

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