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Do you want to transform your body? Do you want to transform your life? Well first you must transform your mind.

In order to transform your mind, you must change your thoughts. Like Les Brown say: You are what you think about most. What you think about you bring about. What do you think of yourself? What values do you hold of yourself? Before even thinking about the body you would like to achieve, first you must accept the body you are in right now. Once you've accept the body you are in, think about what you would like your body to look like. In other words visualize it. Can you see it? Your new body, your new size. See yourself shopping for new clothes. I remember being a size 12 shopping for a size 7. I visualize what I wanted to look like. SEE IT!

After you visualize it, then you must believe it. Believe in your new body, believe in your new size. I was a size 12 shopping for a size 7 because I believed I could achieve it. BELIEVE IT!

Once you believe it then you must feel it. Get excited about your new body, get excited about your new size. When I was a size 12 I started waking like I was a size 7 because I felt it. It resonated deep within me. I was excited! and this kept me motivated. Can you FEEL IT? NOW LIVE IT!

Transform your mind

Transform your body

Transform yuor life!

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