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As a professional Personal Trainer, my main passion is guiding people towards a healthier lifestyle. As a busy mother of three young children, under the age of ten, I know how challenging it can be to maintain a healthy lifestyle.  Everybody is unique; each with their own strengths and limitations. My method is to build a custom plan based on your shape, size, and fitness goals. My aim is not only to transform your body but to influence you in making more mindful decisions when it comes to your health.


Meet the Trainer


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I've been in the fitness industry for over ten years and developed my passion for wellness coaching by helping family members and friends reach their wellness goals. I decided to obtain my personal training certification five years ago, after developing a personalized nutrition plan for my mom who suffered from high cholesterol and the side effects of the medication. After following my nutrition plan and healthy lifestyle strategies for six months, my mom's cholesterol levels reduced to the point where she no longer required medication to treat the condition. After witnessing the impact that this had on my mom's well-being, I was inspired to create Body By Chelle Fitness-now known as Fitness Transformation Club, the vehicle through which I aspire to transform countless lives.​